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The Company:

RAM is a boutique financial advisory company specializing in advisory, capital raising and project structuring activities for stakeholders involved in major infrastructure projects (in particular electricity generation). This includes developers, multi-lateral agencies, governments, banks and other industry specific consultants. RAM's core expertise is in:

  • Working with project stakeholders to plan and execute project development;
  • Development of economic and financial feasibility studies;
  • Advising on project bankability and appropriate capital structures;
  • Developing detailed financial and project models that test project feasibility;
  • Designing equitable contractual frameworks for project stakeholders;
  • Analysing project risks and helping stakeholders agree mitigants;
  • Raising debt and equity capital.
RAM uses a close network of industry and functional experts to complement advisory engagements – each tailored to suite the individual client requirements. Financial, commercial, political and technical expertise is brought together to deliver the synergies required to help our clients achieve their goals.

RAM's core qualities, which underpin our ability help our clients succeed, are:

  • Competence and Professionalism
  • Solution Oriented
  • Strong Communication and Relationships
  • Dedication